سی تی - سیم (CT-Sim)


      CT-SIM system is patients precisely equipment in precision radiotherapy.Adapt digital control, being formed of both the laser rail and control computer, marking it accurate for position as well as easy to operate.

             Based on WINDOWS XP, user-friendly, easy to operate anduse;                                                                                              
             Access to various treatment planning system through DICOM 3.0/RT;
             Adapt precision linear rail and linear encoder feedback closed-loop control to ensure the precise position of laser;           
             Using of pendant box control to make it easy to directly control laser in CT room;
             Provide of many options including the one-axis、three-axis、four-axis laser etc. for customers to choose;
             Various ways of installation to maximal protect the decoration of CT room.;

Technical Parameters::
                   Positioning Accuracy: ±0.2 mm
                   Moving Distance:  -300 ~ +300 mm
                   Wave-length: 635 nm
                   Color: red
                   Laser Class: Class
                   Power Supply: 220 V/50HZ AC   9V DC
                   Output Power: 1m W
                   Line-width: 1mmin the range of 3 to 5 m