Simulator Workstation
Simulator Workstation


      Ruidi simulator workstation is organic integration of digital reconstruction of conformal workstation.This system made digital reconstruction based on the original simulator in the hospital, making the digitalization of the original images and scene monitor of the simulator.It can saveoperate and inquire the various images, achieving the calibration of digital picking as well as  image-editing so as to draw the contour of tumor, making plan for conformal treatment to finally achieve the management of patients’ archives and the provide of various external digital accesses.So as to ensure the hospital to play its equipments’ best function in light of the least input, largely developing the effectiveness of radiotherapy, saving patients’ cost as well as increasing economic income of hospital.

Providing Two Clinical Solutions:

       Option 1: It replace the original X-ray TV system, using of the digital CCD image-capture system, with the entire flow of digital processing, making the optimization of the image quality.

       Option 2: It does not replace the original X-ray TV system, using a digital image conversion unit, through the functions of image recognitionsignal-to-noise reducing as well as the optimization etc. to improve the quality of image.



      Automated calibration distortion of image caused by image amplifier;
      Splice many images into one to make convenient to draw the contour of tumor;
      Digital management of the images to show organic contour more clearly ;
      Digital picking, transfer the digital images to the monitor and printer etc.;
      Patients’ images and other relative data can be long –term saved , and have the functions of statistics and inquiring etc.;
      Perform two-dimensional treatment planning and dose calculation;
      Comply with the DICOM3.0/RT protocol, can link to LINAC
MLC and other radiotherapy equipments;
      Enrich methods for curing, increasing income of oncology department ;
      Convenient for beam arrangement and definition to improve patients’ curative effect;
      Patients’ data can be saved which is convenient for secondary treatment and beneficial to scientific research as well as teaching;
      Save time for simulating to improve working efficiency;
      Convenient dose calculation function to eliminate errors by manual calculation;
      More accurate and effective make of conformal block.